Eating for the Earth: a response to Covid 19

In response to the well-received Covid and Climate Crisis education workshops offered to teachers in SA by the GSS team,  schools in the midlands have requested a further workshop to investigate how diet and lifestyle factors can contribute to the quality of life for us and how we protect ourselves from getting sick during the […]

Biodiversity is Sustainability

Scottsville Primary one of our top 6 teams in South Africa, to have received Project up-scale funding decided to encourage biodiversity back into their school grounds, by rehabilitating a grassed quad to an indigenous garden that represented different mini-biomes including grassland, wetland, forest floor, prehistoric and a succulent garden. Imagine going from 0 to over […]

Its all in our Hands: Old solutions to a new world problem

In addressing the Covid-19 outbreak, many environmental justice short comings have been highlighted. Many schools do not have access to safe municipal water let alone a host of taps for regular handwashing.  This has provided not just a challenge but opportunity to seek low tech, cost effective and appropriate solutions towards keeping our children safe. […]

Phumelelani is cooking up a storm and saving Carbon

In SA there are at least 10 000 schools that still cook on open fires. Imagine the hazards the women who cook, endure daily cooking for 1200 learners as they do at Phumelelani primary school in Loskop, KZN. Besides respiratory issues, they have to constantly bend down and chop up masses of wood to fuel […]

South Africa celebrates Top 7 schools for GSS up-scaling

An enlightening few days learning from local green schools culminated with a national celebratory event attended by the top 7 GSS schools selected in the province. This was combined with the annual Water Explorer Top Team event. Each school was given an opportunity to showcase their environmental achievements and motivate for the future funding of […]

Learning from Schools

For the Africa Exchange workshop visits were organised to some local Water Explorer schools that were already excelling in their implementation of various environmental projects to learn from their sustainability practices. The delegates were impressed by a selection of the low-tech projects that are having a huge impact on the ground. Such projects included the […]

GSS Africa Exchange workshop

During the last week of October, the South Africa Water Explorer team, Bridget Ringdahl and Julia Colvin held their first workshop with delegates from fellow African countries; Namibia and Uganda, where an exchange of ideas and practical tips for the implementation of environmental education programs for schools was the agenda. A number of renowned environmental […]