Biodiversity is Sustainability

Scottsville Primary one of our top 6 teams in South Africa, to have received Project up-scale funding decided to encourage biodiversity back into their school grounds, by rehabilitating a grassed quad to an indigenous garden that represented different mini-biomes including grassland, wetland, forest floor, prehistoric and a succulent garden.

Imagine going from 0 to over 40 plants species from one day to the next!! This outdoor classroom will be used for so many lessons and above all help to develop an appreciation for nature and for the incredible natural heritage we have. Carmen Cawood, the Eco-club coordinator said “we are so excited by this project, as school excursions become more difficult and costly to run, we can now bring nature to our learners. I am so excited to see how this garden grows and takes shape in the next year.. this is such an incredible contribution to bringing nature back into our school and city!

Added to this there are many curriculum-based subjects and lessons where this ‘botanical garden” can offer the potential for a unique learning opportunity. Besides encouraging biodiversity including birds, insects and reptile species back into the denuded area, the garden is importantly also water-wise. Planting indigenous also means that a huge amount of water will be saved and that the plants are adapted for drier conditions. Like-wise the carbon sequestering that the garden will provide will be much greater than a water thirsty kikuyu grass lawn.

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