Selected Schools in Brazil carrying out structural improvements to become more sustainable!

Even though in-person educational activities are paralyzed at the moment, the selected schools in Brazil have been carrying out some structural improvements to make their learning environment more sustainable.

The national winner, C.E. Leôncio Correia, representing the Brazilian South region, has begun to build their “green classroom” in the college courtyard, which will include a sustainable garden and a composting unit.
C.E. Leôncio Correia has also installed solar panels and a telemetry system to measure solar energy harvesting.
A team of environmental engineers has joined the winner school from the Central-West region, E.E. Luiz Lopes de Carvalho, to conduct the construction of their vegetable garden, which will be built in the shape of a mandala.
E.E. Luiz Lopes de Carvalho’s teachers have also participated in the first stage of the vegetable garden construction.

Akatu Institute congratulates the schools for continuing the implementation of their Action Plans despite of current adversities and we are looking forward for the next steps!

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