Teachers, students and community engage in activities carried out by the Selected Schools in Brazil

Thoughout the first month of implementation of their Action Plans, the schools selected for the Search for Sustainable Schools in Brazil have organized meetings and events in order to present the project and encourage teachers, students and community to take part in their activities.

Colégio Estadual Leôncio Correia (South region) organized meetings with the school community, and over 30 students are already enrolled with the project activities.
Escola Municipal José Calil Ahouagi (Southeast region) held a seminar to exchange knowledge on sustainable cultivation and organic vegetable production, with a large participation of community members.

Akatu Institute recognizes and congratulates their effort in engaging different audiences towards more sustainable lifestyles!

Unfortunatedly, many schools have reduced their activities in order to prevent COVID-19 dissemination in Brazil, but we can’t wait for them to continue implementing their Action Plans in full swing!

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