Meet the 5 schools selected at the Search for Sustainable Schools in Brazil!

After a careful selection of the almost 250 submissions for the Search for Sustainable Schools in Brazil, it is time to meet the selected action plans (one per Brazilian region)!

  • Escola Estadual Luiz Lopes de Carvalho – Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul
  • Escola Estadual Indígena Dom Lourenço Zoller – Uiramutã, Roraima
  • Centro de Ensino Professora Maria Helena Duarte – São Luís, Maranhão
  • Colégio Estadual Leôncio Correia – Curitiba, Paraná
  • Escola Municipal José Calil Ahouagi – Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais

The selected school from the South region stood out and will be granted the bigger award to implement its action plan. Their action plan aims at turning the school into a sustainable educational space to promote pro socioenvironmental sustainability behaviors and values across four dimensions: curriculum, management, physical space, and school community. Among the planned activities are the multidisciplinary incorporation of sustainability into the school’s education plan, the separation and proper disposal of waste, the construction of a composting unit and an agroecological vegetable garden, the implementation of rainwater harvesting and solar power systems, and building a “green classroom” where students can interact with environmental theories and practices. Community will also be involved by participating in workshops, fairs, lectures and events. Students will have a central role in all stages, guided by the teachers and the pedagogical team.

Akatu Institute congratulates all the schools, teachers, students and communities that have been engaged with the Search for Sustainable Schools in Brazil!

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