Suriname Prepares for Launch

Paramaribo, 10/30/2019

This morning, the first Global Search for Sustainable Schools Workshop, provided by Humphrey H. Bergraaf Jr, of the SuWaMa Foundation at the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MINOWC) for primary educational inspectors was conducted. In Suriname this project is being carried out under the name Eco School Suriname.

The educational inspectors have received written and oral explanations about the national project. The content of the project has been the subject of an exchange of views and the education inspectors will make an essential contribution to the project by continuously communicating with the school leaders about the progress of the project. The general project planning was also properly discussed.

A structure has been chosen in which each district in Suriname is represented by one school. In short, each district will produce one winner. This school will in turn have to implement the project.

Minimum criteria for the project proposals were shared with the educational inspectors.

The project will be launched nationwide on the 1st of November, 2019.

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