Brazil Search for Sustainable Schools Kicks Off

The Akatu Institute launched the Search for Sustainable Schools in Brazil (in Portuguese, it´s called “Desafio Escolas Sustentáveis”) on the 19th August 2019 and is accepting submissions until the 15th October 2019 via their website (  The criteria for the selection of the Brazilian school projects, based on the global criteria, are as below:

Project Governance Describes how stakeholders will be involved in the governance of the school project
Teaching and Learning Description of a process for bringing sustainability and sustainable lifestyles concepts into the formal curriculum
Facilities and Operations Describes infrastructure and/or policy changes are across multiple areas (energy, food, water, waste management, greenery etc.) and the changes to the physical infrastructure of the school. 
Community Partnerships Describes a role for the local community in the life of the school (e.g. sustainability tours of the school, guest lectures, sources of technical assistance etc.), in the school project and how the school will be involved in the local community.
Potential to reduce GHG emissions How the school project will contribute directly to reducing GHG emissions in the school and its community.
Conscious Consumption If the school project stimulates conscious consumption as an strategy to have a more sustainable environment in the school and its community

Word is being spread both online through Facebook ( and Instagram ( and also in-person roadshows.  Thus far, over 60 schools from across five regions of Brazil have expressed interest and have had visits to further explain the project and advise them on the development of plans.  The team is also very active on WhatsApp (+55 11 31791170) and is receiving plenty of interest from teachers across the country.  If you are interested in joining the Search please don’t hesitate to contact them.

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